About us :

The principal is Eric Reddock

Eric is a practicing Materials Scientist and Mechanical Engineer with a passion about old buildings and the structural materials used.

He has been involved with Lime for over 30 years and has some 15 years hands on and consulting experience on the renovation of old stone buildings and the elimination of dampness.

The traditional practices and materials used in the construction of old stone buildings were the result of many centuries of empirical observations and experience and are now shown by modern academic research to be scientifically sound.

The use of modern cements, plasters and paints on old buildings results invariably in dampness and degradition of the fabric of the often beautiful old buildings




We endeavor to reply to email enquires within a few days but when on site visits and other consultancies replies may take up to one week. We will acknowledge all emails as soon as possible and will give an opinion as to the likely cause of a problem and advise and discuss if you would like us to visit your site.


We get many enquires concerning our charges :

We do not sell chemicals or mortars, we just give impartial and professional, honest advice.

Enquiries :

Initial internet and phone enquires are free of charge, so do call.

Internet Assessment :

A phone & internet assessment based on your photographs and description of your renovation or problem cost £50

Site visits & Surveys :

Site visits are charged at expenses plus £80 per hour (after a free first 15 to 30 minute chat to agree the scope of the work) spent on site with a minimum charge of £80 per visit : travelling is charged at the standard £0.45 per mile and hotel accommodation ,if necessary, at cost.. Where long distances are involved we attempt to keep travelling expenses down by arranging several assessments & surveys in a geographic location.

Geographical coverage :

Originally based at Stenhill Farm in Cornwall we are now located on the Welsh English border with an office in Sheffield and cover the whole of the British Isles and western Europe


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